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We believe strongly in the importance of individual care. We proudly provide one-on-one treatment, with time spent solely on the patient in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Big Bear understands the importance and value of each client’s time and strives to provide a personal and unique program for each person we treat, communicating only the best forms of treatment.

The physical therapy studio showing an bike and equipment
The physical therapy studio showing an bike and equipment

Benefits of individualized PT include:

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  • Quality time to demonstrate, observe and modify exercises as patients progress
  • Hands-on manual therapy
  • Fewer distractions
  • Privacy to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the therapeutic process
  • Reduce the number of sessions required for effective treatment, depending on patient pathology and health goals.
  • Most importantly, one-on-one sessions establish a relationship between a physical therapist and their patient so that they can provide full attention to your needs as a whole rather than hyper-focusing on a single problem due to time constraints.
  • One-on-one treatment allows us to connect with you, your challenges, and your goals on a stronger level. As a result, individualized PT ensures we can better understand your unique case & watch as you progress up to the very end.
  • If you like the idea of private treatment, contact Big Bear Physical Therapy so we can help you get back to living life  your way.

About Our Physical Therapist, Douglas Abplanalp

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As former owner of Progressive Physical Therapy in Liberty, NY, Douglas Abplanalp has been providing physical therapy for over 15 years. He is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your physical therapy experience. He has stayed in front of technology through extensive continuing education which allows him to integrate new techniques into his treatment plans to maximize function and help you to get back to doing what you enjoy.

Physical Therapist, Douglas Abplanalp and his family